FPV Drone Pilot Toronto

FPV Drone Pilot Toronto


Here at Films First, we love a unique view, a different perspective, and an innovative angle! If you are looking for an advanced drone operator in Toronto, you have come to the right place.


Our drone / aerial photography and videography service covers needs in advertising, real estate, surveying, hotels and resorts, construction, live events, just to name a few! Our drone pilots follow the highest standards for safety and legal compliance and are certified and insured. Our drones are available as an hourly service or part of a full production, so inquire for more details! We are based in Mississauga and are licensed to fly Canada-wide, including urban areas like downtown Toronto.


Over the past few years, drone usage has soared onto the video production scene. So much so that Transport Canada had to introduce a Drone License starting June 1st, 2019. Here at Films First, we have have obtained our Advanced Drone License allowing us to fly in places not possible before. We are now allowed to get closer to people and buildings, even within a built up area such as Toronto. The opportunities for drone video are endless. Besides capturing beautiful landscapes from a distance, you can now even fly indoors to help capture a new angle without the need for a crane or temporary fixture install.


Not only do we capture aerial video, but aerial photography too. On many of our shoots, we cover both within the same time frame. Companies often ask us to take photos as well so they can use them for posts on social media or to use for print. Our drones are capable of shooting high resolution RAW photographs that offer amazing quality along with the ability to colour-grade and resize them until the final image suits the needs of the client. Get in touch today to book a drone pilot for your next project.


We currently use the latest drone offerings from the market leader in this area - DJI. We update our drones regularly to keep up with technological advances. We recently began offering FPV drone services to clients looking for a different perspective. The technology in this area is moving fast and we are excited that we have the capabilities to offer such a powerful new marketing tool. Check out our website dedicated to FPV drone services - Mr. FPV


Currently our drones shoot stunning imagery in 4K ultra high resolution. The low light capabilities are also improving every year making it possible to get higher quality footage at night. Higher frame rates are now possible helping us create silky smooth slow motion from a unique angle. All of this is paired with industry-leading, three-axis image stabilization, keeping the motion smooth and resulting in shake-free video. When it comes to safety, our drones are capable of withstanding strong winds, and 360 obstacle avoidance helps keep the heart rates of our clients down!


If you are looking for a drone operator in Toronto who can capture magnificent views in ways you would have never imagined before, you have come to the right place. Take this opportunity to give your viewers a whole new perspective!


Our drones operate all over the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Mississauga, and Canada-wide.

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