With Capgemini recently finishing the expansion of their Mississauga office, they wanted to find a local videographer and photographer to film a tour of this new space. That’s where we stepped in!

Since this was a one day shoot for both photo and video, we had to move fast to get all the work done while there was still daylight. Check out the finished video below and continue scrolling to hear more about the shoot and see the finished photos.

Besides capturing the office space, they wanted a few aerial videos of Mississauga to show off the surrounding areas. These drone shots were the perfect way to begin the video, in order to capture the viewer’s attention right from the get-go. I was happy to put my advanced drone license to work as their office location was right beside Pearson International Airport.

The last aerial shot of the video was actually a drone hyperlapse. This really helped lift the overall production value and add an extra element to the final video. To see more of my drone hyperlapse work, check out this aerial video I made showing off the downtown core of Mississauga here.

This video was shot using the new Sony A7S iii, and I’m absolutely loving it so far. This camera was well worth the wait! In order to get the best quality and most dynamic range, I used the slog 3 picture profile. Perfect for giving me options when editing in post. A gimbal was used to get those silky smooth movements you see and to stabilize shots where I’m moving for a lengthier amount of time. At one point, I even hopped on a chair and asked my photographer Clifton to push me around! Check out two behind-the-scenes shots at the bottom of this blog post to better explain our set up.

Below you can find the finished photos from the shoot.

capgemini mississauga office video tour
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