Here’s a promotional video I made for Dr. Naheed of the periodontal practice, Periodontal Associates. This clinic provides comprehensive periodontal and implant care involving a team approach and are located in Mississauga. They also perform cosmetic dentistry and more.

When Dr. Naheed first approached me, he had a presentation at a big conference on the horizon. He wanted to do something different by incorporating a video into his presentation and showcasing his skills through that medium. He was the keynote speaker and thought this short video of him in action at his dental office would be the perfect way to kick off his presentation – definitely a dynamic way to start! There wasn’t much planning needed with this video production. It really just consisted of me shadowing him and observing how he usually operates, followed by me thinking of how to film it in the most artistic way possible.

One of the keys to this shoot was using natural light. When I first arrived at the dental office, everything was set up in a room with no windows. No natural light can be a videographer’s worst nightmare. At first I was thinking to myself, “this is going to be tricky”. Then I noticed a room near the front of the building with a massive window and sunlight shining through. It involved a bit of extra work initially but I knew it would pay off, so I suggested we move all of the essential equipment to this new room and the rest was history 🙂

Having natural light really made all the difference regarding ‘the look’ of this shoot. The dentist instruments began to glimmer and look more ‘heaven-like’ with all the light beaming in. It also allowed me to incorporate some of the lens flares coming in through the window. I love lens flares! There’s just something so cinematic about how they look on film.

dentist promo video
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