We love the variety of videos we get to produce for our clients! And this project was no different! When Wai Jia first contacted us, we could tell she had a lot of passion for what she does. Her initial email was quite a few paragraphs in length, not just the typical, “how much does this cost?” type of email. We find that it’s often the people with a lot of passion for what they do, that end up reaching out to a video production company to show the world who they are and tell their story. We are grateful that Wai Jia’s search for a videographer in Mississauga led her to us. Her passion for what she does reminds us of two past clients in particular – Michael Brandon the boxer we made a series of videos for and Dr. Naheed, a leading dentist in his field. After a couple of emails with Wai Jia, we had a grasp of what she was trying to achieve. We knew the most important part would be making her feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. That way she could really express herself in the same way she normally does when the camera is not around. Often adding a camera in the mix can throw people off their regular self, but Wai Jia didn’t need much help tuning out the camera and letting her passion come through. After capturing all the necessary audio to get her message across, we moved onto the most fun part of this project – the b-roll. We filmed Wai Jia doing a number of different things including having some quality family time, reminiscing on her journey through photos and getting out into nature exploring nearby parks. One of the most unique parts of shooting the b-roll was getting some shots of a kite flying through the air. We never flew a kite before but were excited for the challenge. So after purchasing two suitable kites from Amazon it was off to a nearby park to practice. At first it was so frustrating as we didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but once we did, it was well worth the effort!

kitesong video still
mississauga video production
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