Have you been looking for that perfect home, but can’t seem to find one with a helicopter pad? Millions of us face this problem each day, but thankfully, this essential necessity is covered by this latest property offering from realtor extraordinaire Raymond Wong. He got me on board to capture some drone video and photos of one of his current listings. I enjoy doing real estate videography and photography when the right job comes along, and this house located in Toronto, definitely fit the bill. To see more of my real estate videos, check out the following page dedicated to these shoots – REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY

Being a videographer, I was really excited to see what I could capture using my newly acquired drone – the Mavic 2 pro. The low light capabilities of this drone has really changed the game when it comes to real estate photography. Thanks to this improved feature, I was able to capture the night shot of the property, which I have included in this blog post. This new drone also offers a new hyperlapse mode which I was really looking forward to using. My goal was to show the look of the property as it transitioned from day to night. It definitely looked great under both sets of lighting conditions. To see what I’m talking about, check out the third video. For future properties, this effect will look even better by including the skyline and clouds in the frame. The organic movement of clouds shot over time in hyperlapse mode and then sped up, is visually quite stunning.

As for the second video, it’s a 360 degree continuous video of the property while zooming in on the best angles of the house. This was made possible, thanks to the fact that I shot everything in 4k. This allows me to scale up the video in post without losing any quality, up to a certain point of course.

In terms of the colour-grade, I was really happy with the end result. This is mainly down to the fact that I shot everything during golden hour – the last hour before sunset. I mentioned how I love shooting during this time in a previous blog post – BOXER PROMOTIONAL VIDEO SERIES Stay tuned for more videos to come. I believe my drone reel need updating! Can’t wait to get on that 🙂

night drone picture of property
aerial picture of real estate in toronto
drone real estate photography
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