With every video I create I’m always looking for the story. Shooting product videos is no different. Before any filming began, I sat down with the designer of Anota’s RFID blocking wallet to get a sense of his story and how the product came about. He expressed that he’d always been creative thinker and an engineer at heart since he was a child, and he somehow wanted to incorporate this theme into the video. This was a passion project of his and he wanted to give it a personal touch in an attempt to connect with the audience on another level. This led me to create the section of the video with the young boy playing with building blocks accompanied by the text – ‘Born out of Passion’.

Another key part involved in this video production was demonstrating the product in action. Our client envisions this wallet appealing to those who live a fast lifestyle, always going from one place to this next. Someone who has streamlined their life and doesn’t like to carry a lot of clutter around with them. This information drove the scene featuring the fast paced airport arrival sequence, followed by the journey to downtown Toronto.

Finally, we wanted to show off how stylish this wallet is and highlight some of the precision tools that were used in the manufacturing process. This part of the shoot is always my favourite as it comes to me quite naturally. I like to sit back and see a machine do its thing and then think how I can film this differently to make it more interesting than it actually is.

I decided to use text instead of audio snippets to match the pace of the final video I had in mind. I decided that a few key words at the right times would be more effective in getting the message across for this particular video. In terms of the colour grade, I went with a cooler blue tone that I felt worked best with the slickness of the product. It also matched a lot of our night scenes so it was a win-win.

Hope you enjoyed the video, stay tuned for more!

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