This was a fun project to take on! Have you ever seen a better way to enter a store on opening day? Talk about getting your customers pumped up before they go shopping! The soundtrack to this video is the same audio customers heard blasting through the speakers as they made their way through the hype tunnel upon entering the store. Audio is such a crucial role in the video production process and us videographers know it can make or break the final film.

The camera of choice for this shoot was the new Sony A7S iii as I needed to be light and nimble as the action in front of the camera was unpredictable. I had no control over the subject or the lighting at any point during the day, unlike our recent shoot for Swift Medical where I had control of everything. To see what the results of a controlled shoot looks like, click here.

The brief was to show off the store and capture the buzz inside on opening day. I filmed a few happy customers talking about their experience entering the store, and the audio proved valuable during the editing process. Without the testimonial, it would be harder for people viewing the video to understand exactly what was going on.

I chose to use some time lapses throughout the day to show the flow of people within the store and just how busy the cashiers were. I felt the time lapses really illustrated what I was going for and added an extra element to the video.

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retail store promo video
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