Although it’s starting to feel a bit like summer recently, we had some pretty impressive snowfall a couple of weeks ago! I had a feeling it was going to be the last bit of snow for the year so I forced myself to get some footage to play around with. I just had to find the right subject which turned out to be my two year old daughter who just loves going out in a blizzard and walking around in the snow. At least that’s what I told myself so I wouldn’t feel bad about shoving her out there.

Now on to the technical specs. ‘Twixtor‘ is a plug-in I have played around with in the past but I haven’t tested it alongside the 120FPS that the Sony A7S ii is capable of. So I thought snowfall would be the perfect scenario to really see what this plug-in is capable of, and I have to say I was pretty impressed. The plug-in is pretty simple to use for the most part, you really only have to decide on what percentage you want to slow the footage down to and that will get you 90% there. Sure you can delve in a bit deeper and use a matte to fix parts of the video that is reacting in a weird way to the plug-in, but that last 10% is just not worth the amount of extra work involved in my opinion. In general, from most of my research and practical application, I find that slowing the footage down to anywhere between 20 -30% will give you pretty great results. Anything more and you can expect to see some weird artifacts that is going to leave the viewer wondering what the hell is going on with your video.

Now if you have $100,000 lying around, you can always pop out to the shops and pick up a ‘Phantom Flex‘ camera. Or you can go for the poor man’s Phantom Flex aka Sony RX100 V which will produce some pretty impressive results. See below a video I made using the Sony RX100 IV. And if you want to hear more about this particular camera and some tips about how to get the most out of it, check out a guest blog post I done for Cinema5D about how I went about making the video below and some of the other gear I used – HERE.

Of course I couldn’t head back inside without getting some pictures also!

Slow motion text using a7s ii and twixtor plug in
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