Small Business Promo Video | SPECSY

Here is a promotional video I shot a few months back for a small business in Mississauga called SPECSY. The goal for this short highlight was to showcase the process of ordering custom-made glasses. As all good video production companies do, I tried to find out as much information as possible about the business before I started planning the video shoot. Once I learned about the steps involved with ordering their glasses, I knew that video transitions would play an important role in creating a video that flowed well. I knew that would be the secret sauce needed to bring some style and class to the final video. I wanted to make it as seamless as possible between the different stages in the ‘production line’ and that meant a little extra pre-planning was needed to ensure I could pull off the effect I was going for

Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures to pull back the curtain and give you an idea of what was going on. The cool sunglasses I’m wearing was for my eye safety while filming the 3D printer, just in case you thought I like to rock up to shoots in my sunglasses and wear them indoors all day 🙂

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small business promo video

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